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  • Ressourcenorientierte Methode für die persönliche Entwicklung

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    45 Min.

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  • Ein funktionelles Ganzkörpertraining durch drei-dimensionale Bewegungs...

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    Starts Jun 8

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  • Ein Prozess des Bewusstwerdens, des Loslassens und Transformation.

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    Starts Jun 6

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Course content and methods

The method consists of combining various targeted

Movements associated with specific thoughts and breathing.


These are particularly well suited to consciously perceiving the physical perception as an experienced reality.

Thus, choreosophrology, strengthened by dynamic relaxation, succeeds in being therapeutically effective, calming the mind, relieving physical tension and strengthening inner strength.

•     Breathing exercises to increase general performance, increase lung capacity, raise awareness of deep breathing.


    Simple and quick to follow step sequences that deepen the body awareness.


    Guided dynamic relaxation according to Caycedo (sophrology) while standing or sitting. Deep relaxation techniques to reduce stress.


    to activate and mobilize your own inner healing powers.


    reflective (phenodescription) - conversation for deepening  and perception of all experienced phenomena in our consciousness.


Simple and quick-to-learn sequences of steps that deepen body awareness

Guided Dynamic Relaxation  im  Standing or sitting deep relaxation techniques to reduce stress

Activate and mobilize your own inner healing powers

Reflective conversation for the deepening and perception  of all experienced phenomena in our consciousness

Breathing exercises to increase general performance,    increase in lung capacity, awareness of deep breathing



The growing together of sophrology with movement, reinforced by psychology and music, form the area in which choreosophrology develops.


ChoreoSophology is particularly characterized by the synchronization of targeted movements with specific thoughts and breathing.


The goal is to stimulate the individual growth process through the progressive lightening of consciousness. Repeated physical, psychological and mental experience (vivenzen) promotes this process.  


It is a method that uses movement to explore a person's emotions in a non-verbal way and also allows a relationship to be established between movement and feelings.


For each participant it is a process of becoming aware, letting go and transforming. This creates "dynamic regulation processes" that enable changes such as:


    Mental relaxation: inner calm, focus on the ability to concentrate

    positive somatization: access to one's own body life and its energy, sensitization for deep breathing

    Stimulate the inner doctor: activate the self-healing powers and the immune system

    Strengthening and strengthening one's own resources, self-image and self-respect

    In the group she supports the social reintegration (rehabilitation), the awareness of oneself and one's space as well as affective ties.

    Relief from tension and blockages that are anchored in the body's memory.

    individuality  and promote self-confidence; To take responsibility for being in the here and now

     inner truth to get to "being oneself" (to become authentic)



Through this process, people develop their own individuality and learn to accept themselves for who they are.  He becomes free and responsible.



Positive somatization : Access to one's own body life and
his energy, awareness of deep breathing

Stimulating the inner doctor: strengthening the self-healing powers
and activation of the immune system

Strengthening of one's own resources and self-image
and self esteem

Social inclusion through group exercises, development of the
consciousness and the available space,
Promotion of affective bonding

Relief from tension and blockages in body memory
are anchored

Promotion of individuality and self-confidence, as well as the
Taking responsibility for being in the "here and now"

Achieving a balanced authenticity

Through this process man develops his own individuality
and learn to accept yourself.

He is responsible and free


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