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 Our personal attitudes, thoughts and feelings create chemical reactions that affect every single cell in our body.

The aim is to prevent permanent physical and psychological stress at an early stage and to develop self-confidence.  


ChoreoSophrology is both an extremely efficient treatment method and a preventive measure for functional diseases that are triggered by stress and a wrong lifestyle.


The techniques are simple and can adapt to the goals, opportunities and levels

can be adjusted individually.

The exercises can vary according to the individual needs of the target groups.


  • depression

  • burnout

  • eating disorder

  • nervousness

  • stress

  • anxiety state

  • listlessness

  • difficulty concentrating, memory

  • sleep disorder

  • irritability

  • sadness

  • skin problems

  • allergy

support  & Preparation 

The method helps each individual to take responsibility for their own state of health. Allows  a reduction in stress from critical situations and real support for chronic illnesses as these techniques help achieve a calmer demeanor and the  To tolerate the situation better.  The reduced emotional burden enables  the  discover positive skills  and gradually in  Family,  School, job and  to integrate into everyday social life.

Health Somatic / Mental

It can be used alone or as an accompaniment to medical treatment  Its application delivers in these subject areas  excellent results,  especially in the case of anxiety (panic, phobia, generalized anxiety), depression, illnesses of psychosomatic origin (pain without an identifiable medical cause) and sleep disorders.

performance increase 

Beyond the technical and tactical skills, the level of everyone is athletic / artistic  Achievement largely depends on self-awareness, emotional control, concentration, motivation and the endurance of the athlete / artist  influenced.

The support is tailored to the individual needs.
The goal is permanent physical and mental  Load,  to transform it into a positive, creative process, with it  Disruptions (increased risk of injury due to lack of concentration, fatigue, burnout syndrome, depression) to be prevented at an early stage and  own resources   discover and strengthen .  



  • Support and accompaniment  other therapies for psychosomatic and chronic illnesses as well as for upcoming operations

  • Developing and strengthening the ability to concentrate, memory training, creativity and intuition

  • Support in adapting to changed life situations

  • Preparation for exams, athletic  Competitions, lectures, concerts, trips, medical examinations as well   Dental treatments

  • Pain reduction and minimization  chronic fatigue

  • Addictions (tobacco, alcohol ...)

  • Pregnancy support and preparation for the birth

Improving the quality of work and life 

Application of ChoreoSophrology  on stress -  Management or Performance -  Improvement in contexts such as companies, organizations, business creation, etc.

coping with stress

It is a training that makes it possible to maintain a healthy mental balance, which improves the quality of life and develops human values as the basis of our personal performance. 

Choreosophrological techniques help to re-establish one's own identity, his  Competencies and skills  to regain and optimize his self-image.

You learn to show preventive and accompanying ways to deal naturally with stressful situations. Professional and social goals are clarified anew, implementation skills and emotional stability are strengthened.

The aim is to strengthen the positive attitudes and values in the professional and personal area and to develop the skills in relation to dealing with stress and negative emotions.

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