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About Me

Hi, I'm Monica and as a Sophrolog and psychotherapist I help you find your inner peace and strengthen your ability to focus on the details of the present through specific exercises. ChoreoSofrology gives you confidence, security and trust in yourself. It gives you a sense of strength and allows you to recognise and accept challenges. Resilience and performance develop positively through this method and emotional self-control increases significantly. 

I myself was introduced to Sophrology during my stay at the Monte Carlo Dance Academy and was impressed by the positive effects in the form of a clear increase in performance, a noticeable inner balance and enhanced self-confidence.

As an internationally active prima ballerina, I benefited from the content of Sophrology regarding the physical and psychological stress of a dancer and decided to participate in the master-course in Sophrology in Liège and Andorra. 

Sophrology is widely recognised in countries such as France, Belgium and Switzerland and is also successfully applied in the sports, educational, social and medical fields. 

ChoreoSophro was the subject of my diploma thesis.

Since 2013, I successfully practice this method both in the therapeutic field, courses, workshops, including dance projects, performances, as well as in personal development.


Meanwhile, my method is scientifically recognized and successfully practiced in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and Germany and is part of the offer of the LWL clinic in Dortmund.  

Benefit from the advantages of this extraordinary method!


Yours sincerely, 


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