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Are you looking for guidance and expert advice on your journey through the world of ballet and art? Or maybe you are just missing that crucial impulse to unleash the true treasures of your potential and passion? Life is a constant transformation and the energy keeps flowing. Are you in the midst of an inner conflict or do you feel that the world around you is too overwhelming? Are there fears, blocks or problems that you want to overcome in order to unleash your full artistic power? Perhaps you are also struggling with health challenges or longing for inner balance? Do you feel that there is still untapped potential and pure joy within you waiting to come to light? Do you feel that you could achieve more? Do you have a concrete goal in mind, are you facing a new phase of life, a significant project or an important decision and would like professional support? Maybe you would like to improve or look at professional or private relationships in a new way? Or maybe you are asking yourself "WHY" and are looking for a new, fulfilling direction for your life? There are many reasons why you can turn to me. In me you will find a safe space for your concerns and a warm, human atmosphere. I offer you transpersonal coaching impulses, consciousness development and psychological counselling. In the course of our lives we all face situations that require intense change and growth. You and your unique life situation are in the best hands with me. As an expert, I accompany you with empathy, years of experience, clarity, responsibility, knowledge and heartfelt joy. Sustainable change often begins with a change of perspective. This requires someone who stands outside your usual perspective, but at the same time understands you deeply - a coach who makes the difference! In my work, the focus is always on the person you really are, and you will feel understood and supported with me. Body, soul and spirit are interconnected and influence each other. I am passionate about starting where change is actually effective and lasting! My focus is on three central areas that make up the world of ballet and the arts: Leadership - Presence - Potential Communication - Conflict Resolution - Relationships Satisfaction - Health - Self-Balance An alert, open awareness and mindfulness are key to all three areas.



Konto Sparkasse IBAN: DE62440501990241023931 Winterfeldtstraße 28, Dortmund, Deutschland

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